The massage experiences have many facets

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Soft and passionate, playful and sensual, affectionateand furious.


Berlin Massage Guide

Like most major cities, Berlin has hundreds of massage parlors and massage services to choose from.

As a visitor to Berlin, how do you navigate through the massage minefield to arrive safely at the other end with a sensual massage in Berlin that satisfies your erotic desires and delivers a real return on investment?

For most discerning gentlemen and ladies there is only one choice. They turn to Euphorie Massage Salon every time they are in the City. Why? Because Euphorie offers impeccable and discreet customer service, the widest range of erotic nude massages to satisfy most sexual appetites and the most beautiful and incredibly sensual masseuses who have been highly trained to deliver the best massage in Berlin.



Classical full-length massage

Klassische Ganzkörpermassagen

Sensitive massage

The sensitive massage is a very careful and stimulating the senses massage technology without pressure and grip. It mainly conduces to the mental relaxation and it is definitely a insider tip for people suffering from stress.


Sensual-erotic massages

Sinnlich erotische Massagen
Tantra Massage

Tantra massage - hot sin

High erotically massage of the royal league. Feel the naked skin of your desire companion who slips in and on your body with much warm oil. Purely  Experience. Your sexual energy get woken up and you experience an ecstasy with an additional extra long Lingammassage. 


However, it isn't about a mutual massage in this connection.

Tantra / Spanische Massage

Tantra / Spanish massage - hot, sexy, paradisiac

This erotic and at the same time affectionate massage is especially for man who enjoys the relaxation with the female amenities. The  masseuse spoils and glides with her breasts over the whole body here. For lovers also with pleasure up to the climax. 


The French sledging during the Lingammassage is the crowning top highlight. A quite particularly nice variation of the Lingammassage. 


It isn't about a mutual massage in this connection either.

Tantra / Optische Massage

Tantra / optical massage - ultra sexy

May it be a little bit more in erotically highlights? Have nerves of steel for this massage. Are you ready for an ecstatic excursion of the especial kind? Do you love hot touches of the extraordinary variation? Enjoy a tingly massage with a lot of coenesthesia and very much ingenious methods with the most different massage positions and miraculous views of the nicest body parts of your desire companion. 


Lingammassage with the breasts, French sledging... - No mutual massage.

Tantra / Bodytouch

Tantra / Bodytouch - with mutual massage

If you have the feeling at a massage: "Something lacks?". Then you choose the body to body massage. Touches which get under skin. Who wouldn't like to return something here? Touch and massage me, too! A ceremony with much erotically romance. 


A lot of closeness and exchange eternize this massage. Mutual massage - sinful like the hell, gently like the sky! 


Affectionate details like the Russian massage, the Yoni kiss and the French sledging make this kind of a massage a sensuous-high erotical experience. Everything is full of bodytouch!


Are you a bit adventuresome? Then:

Blind Date Massage

Blind date massage - captivated passion, Attention! Hot & Spicy surprise

Let's entice you and tenderly torment you (no S.M.)! At the beginning your eyes are bonded and your hands are captivated. You can do nothing but enjoy the fabolous contacts of the desire companion. 


An interplay with hot and cold elements. Gentle to hard, stimulating and exciting. You have the choice to let you tie up on our thrilling St Andrew's Cross on  the bed or in the standing position. Enjoy also the experience of a double chain massage with two ladies. An unforgettable experience of the senses. 


The French and the Spanish sledging as well as Russian massage complete the affectionate torture.

Tantramassage im Duett

Tantra massage as duet - enjoy twice, sexy, slippery, a man's dream

Double fun for massage lovers. To experience the Tantra massage as duet, means concentrated eroticism and gentle sensuousness. This massage consists of a Tantra massage with two ladies of your choice. At the same time the gentleman can combine the Tantra with other offered massages: 


- Tantra / Spanish massage

- Tantra / optical massage

- Mutual Tantra massage in the nude, Full body touch

- Chain massage 


Four hands and two ladies - all around a double pleasure. An unforgettable experience which one should allow himself at least once in life.

dominante Massage

Dominant massages

... for our guests of the SM area

... we have of course also something in the programme for them and we have an extra area with a Gyn chair. 



Here some examples from our programme:


- Dildo games

- strap on

- Chain games

- Cleat games

- Varnish and leather

- Cock and ball torture... and much more, simply ask for it. 


Beginners are seen at us with pleasure.


Special massages

Spezielle Massagen
Urindische - Griechische Massage

Urindian / Greek massage - a man's dream

A massage in which the whole bottom area  inclusive anal massage and prostate gland massage takes center stage. Not seldom Men as women are surprised  which huge comfortability and desire they can feel at an anal massage or a prostate gland massage. 


For people with the wish for devotion to a deep sexual experience, our  urindian massage can open quite new dimensions. The genital area is included in detail as at the erotic massages. At the prostate gland massage the prostate gland of the man is massaged warily with a finger. This is very exciting for many men which leads to a huge orgasm. 


Caution! We use:

- high-quality medical lubricants, absolutely skin compatability (dermatologically tested and clinically evaluated)

- Inspection gloves free of powder out of natural rubber latex

- if required dildos, strap on, instruments and toys. Before and after the massage we use disinfectant. 


Foot eroticism - let you massage by the feets at your genitals, with additional Lingammassage.


Russian Lingammassage

Massage of the whole genital area of the gentleman. The Lingammassage marks the start of the sexual energy with careful, sensuous and tonic touches.


Luxury massage


Imagination massage - surprising

We satisfy your erotic imaginations and keep outfits ready for you if required.

Königs Deluxe Massage

King's deluxe massage - massage ceremony is just unforgettable

Enjoy the erotic mood together with the touch artist at a glass of champagne with candle light and nice atmosphere. The session contains the nicest massages at us: 


Tantra massage deluxe version, mutual massage, Spanish massage, intensive Lingammassage, urindian kind, Yonimassage, French sledging, Yoni kiss and Full body touch.

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Euphorie Massage salon is the first salon to ever offer Nuru and we are dedicated to do it. If you are looking for the most sensual massage that we are have to offer, look no further than the Nuru Massage.

The Nuru Massage is derived from a Japanese that presents a naked and sexy body - on - body experience.

Nuru means “slippery” in Japanese and we guarantee that this Massage will be as slippery as it gets. The adaptation of warm Nuru covering both on body of the masseuse and your body creates a sensual atmosphere between the two of you that stimulates every erogenous zone from head to toe.


Our talented women know exactly where and how to touch to make the experience unique.


We are proud to present this new and exciting erotic Massage to our clients and to make them familiar with this amazing product.


Many of our customers find themselves pleased with the experience and the all – natural gels made from colorless and tasteless seaweed extract that create a very slippery feel. The masseuse will warm the gel and rub your entire body down. Once you are covered with Nuru, the masseuse will slide her body over yours to create a sensual body–on-body massage like no other.

Despite the fact that this Massage is so sensual it is one of the most relaxing that we have to offer. It is also a very healthy and rewarding experience since seaweed is known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties.


Not only will you receive a massage, you will also experience a head to toe herbal body treatment that leavers you with smooth, renewed, clean feeling skin. Many of our customers enjoy this added benefit.


The combination of healthy skin treatment and erotic touch makes the Nuru Massage one of our ultimately preferred massage packages.

original premium Nurugel von gleitmeister